Edsal Heavy Duty 5 Shelf Steel Rack Review

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Since 1951, Edsal Manufacturing has been building high quality steel office and school furniture along with steel storage units and shelving. The Chicago based company is known for designing strong products that can stand the test of time, and the Edsal 5-Shelf Adjustable Steel Storage Rack is no exception.


To meet different storage and space demands, Edsal 5-Shelf Adjustable units are available in 3 sizes. Shoppers have the option of 36w X 18d X 72h, 48w X 18d X 72h, and 48w X 24d X 72h. All 3 sizes can be used in the standard 72” tall configuration, and can also be split in to 2 units, each standing 36” high. This added versatility is perfect for users with lower ceilings, specialized storage needs, etc.

The shelves of the Edsal 5-Shelf Steel Shelving Rack are made of unpainted particle board, while the rack itself is made from steel. The steel components are enamel painted in black to not only look good, but also help the storage rack resist rust in damp or wet areas such as basements. Each shelf can be adjusted up or down in 1.5” increments to create customized storage solutions. The solid shelves are perfect for storing or displaying smaller items that would fall through the wire shelves used by other companies.

There is no need for tools or hardware to assemble the Edsal Steel Storage Rack. The Rivet Lock construction makes putting the rack together a breeze. If the unit ever needs to be moved, disassembly is painless and all parts can be stored without taking up much space.

Build Quality and Construction

The Edsal 5-Shelf Steel Adjustable Storage Rack is built with the same quality that has made Edsal Manufacturing an industry leader for over half a century. Strong steel legs and simple, yet effective Rivet Lock construction provide strength and durability that rival expensive storage units found in commercial use.

Like other products that use angled steel legs, the Edsal Steel Adjustable Storage Rack does not have the ability to add castors to the legs. Once assembled, the unit is not easy to move around, especially when weight is added to the shelves. Users should assemble the rack as close as possible to the products intended location.

Plastic feet are included with the Edsal Storage Rack to protect the floor that the rack is used on, but it is important to note that they do not act as leveling feet.


The Edsal 5-Shelve Steel Storage Rack is priced in-line with competitors with similar size and weight capacity. One feature that sets this Edsal Storage Rack series apart from the competition is the use of particle board shelves, especially among units claiming to hold up to 4,000lbs. While some users will prefer the more common steel wire shelving found on other units, particle board shelving will appeal to users looking to store or display very small items. The shelves can also be painted to match décor, or coated to provide resistance to spills and leaks from stored items. While the Edsal Adjustable Storage rack is available from several suppliers, Amazon.com has the best price typically, and will ship directly to your door for free. Overall, we give the Edsal 5-Shelf our highest recommendation and can’t say enough good things about it.

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