Excel All Purpose 4-Tier Shelving Review

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A messy garage is a dangerous garage. When boxes and tubs are stacked in the worst possible places and you find yourself constantly moving them around the get to something else hidden behind them, you know your garage has become too messy. Even worse is not being able to find what you need at all, especially when you need it. Too often, garage storage is not high on the priority list. Let’s face it – tools and hobby items are far more interesting than cabinets and shelving. But what do you do when you’ve run out of room in the garage or shop? One such option is to give the Excel Certified All-Purpose 4-Tier Shelf System a try. Based out of California, the company has been designing and building quality, affordable storage systems since 2003.


Excel’s wire shelving systems come in 3 sizes. 36w x 18d x 72h, 48w x 18d x 72h, and the massive 60w x 24d x 72h. These are all great sizes, but we typically bias our recommendations towards the larger sizes as people tend to accumulate stuff over time.

Each of the 4 shelves can handle up to 600lbs, for a total of 2,400lbs. The unit itself weighs in at 80lbs once it is assembled. The unit can be ordered in black, but there is also a chrome option if you like things to shine. An available caster kit makes moving the shelving system a breeze. 2 of the 4 wheels lock to keep the unit in place when needed. If you decide to use casters, keep in mind that Excel shelving kits are threaded for M12 x 1.75. Many competitors use different sizes that will not be compatible with this unit. If wheels are not needed, the unit comes with leveling feet installed.

Build Quality

Assembly was a breeze with the snap together design of the shelf supports and within minutes the unit can be assembled and standing upright, ready for use. The thick steel wire used in construction will easily hold everything you can stack on it. Even under the heaviest boxes of tools, you will not notice much if any shelf flex. Each shelf can be adjusted in 1 inch increments so that you can find the perfect configuration for your personal storage needs.

Excel stands behind their product with a 1 year warranty. Considering how sturdy these shelves are, we doubt many people will have issues with reliability. Quality on these units is top notch and comparable to many higher priced items. Material, construction and finish are all far above the norm.


Excel’s 4-Tier shelf system is competitively priced, and in many cases, provides a much higher weight capacity than the competition. The amount of storage per dollar is impressive and easily justifies the cost of this unit. There are units available with higher capacities and weight limits, but for most people’s general storage needs, this unit from Excel fit the bill perfectly.
While the Excel All-Purpose 4-Tier Shelf System is available in a few places online, Amazon.com tends to have the best price for the item shipped. Overall, we give it our highest recommendation and think you’ll be satisfied!

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