Muscle Rack Steel Garage Shelving Unit Review

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Muscle Rack products are known for their strength and durability, and the Muscle Rack 5-Shelf Steel Shelving Unit lives up to the name. This storage system offers the weight capacity of units found in industrial facilities and professional garages, at only a fraction of the cost. Overall a great product that we give a strong recommendation for.


The Red Series shelving systems from Muscle Rack come in 2 sizes; 36w x 18d x 72h, and the larger 48w x 18d 72h. Both sizes can be split in to side by side units measuring only 36” high as well. Each shelf is adjustable in increments of 1.5”. The Red Series shelving systems are only available in one color option- a red powder coated finish. Muscle Rack also offers the Silver Vein series for users who prefer a less bright color option.

All Muscle Rack Red Series shelving systems feature snap-together assembly. The assembly is quick and easy, and requires no tools or hardware. The pin and keyhole design used to lock the unit together proves to be strong and secure. When not in use, the unit quickly breaks down in to easily manageable pieces. Unassembled, the Muscle Rack stores easily and takes up very little room.

Build Quality

The larger of the 2 units comes in at about 54lbs., which is very impressive considering each shelf can hold up to 800lbs., for a total of 4,000lbs for the 5-Shelf Unit. Each shelf, constructed from thick, chrome plated steel wire, is supported on all sides and resists flex from heavier objects. The smooth wire shelves provide a safe surface for delicate items and will not cut through boxes as they slide into position for storage.

The Muscle Rack 5-Shelf Steel Shelving Unit does not have threaded feet and therefore does not have the available leveling feet or castors. If uneven floors or the ability to be moved around as needed are high priorities, shoppers would be wise to look at other options. If floor finish is fragile, it might be a good idea to place plywood shelf coasters under the legs to prevent scratching or chipping. 4,000lbs spread over 4 small, steel legs can easily damage hardwood and painted concrete surfaces.


The price of the Muscle Rack 5 Shelf Steel Shelving Unit is competitive with units of much lesser quality and materials. The ability to support a full 800lbs per shelf is impressive given the low overall weight of the unit. In fact, many more expensive shelving units offer much lower weight capacities.

The quality steel construction and powder coat finish ensure that the shelving will stay rust free for many years. While the Muscle Rack Red Series will not likely be used in many kitchens, it looks right at home in garage, basement, and shop locations. Finally, the units are built to last and are backed by a 1 year limited warranty. As far as the best price, shelves are heavy and cost a lot to ship. On account of this, Amazon’s competitive shipped pricing is the best we’ve found with the added benefit that it saves you the trip to the store and the struggle to fit oversize boxes into your car. Overall, we think you’ll be more than happy with the Muscle Rack to serve your garage shelving needs.

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