Origami R5-01 Collapsible Garage Shelving Unit Review

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There are many great garage storage rack options available today. Companies compete to bring out the strongest and best looking units, with weight capacities that rival industrial shelving products. The Origami General Purpose 4-Shelf Steel Collapsible Storage Rack, however, brings a different design to the table.

The Origami Rack company is based in California. The company prides itself on its unique designs, some of which are inspired by reviewers and product users! With a company name like Origami, it should come as no surprise that they specialize in designing and manufacturing storage solutions that easily fold up when not in use.


The Origami R5-01 shelving unit is made from steel, and is powder coated in a Gun Metal color which neatly blends in most garages or storage spaces. The R5 series shelving units measure 36w X 20d X 60h, and weigh 45lbs. Each of the 4 shelves can support up to 250lbs when evenly distributed for a total capacity of 1000lbs.

Origami R5 units can be purchased with or without wheels. A wheel kit can also be purchased separately. It should be noted that Origami recommends only 75lbs of weight be placed on the rack when wheels are used.

Plastic liners are available to make each shelf flat and smooth. The liners are held in place with magnets to make installation a breeze. Additionally, the optional fabric cover features a zippered closure system and is secured with Velcro straps. The cover is perfect for keeping dust from gathering on stored items.

No tools are needed for assembly. In fact, there is no assembly. Once the Origami 4-Shelf Rack is removed from the box, it simply unfolds and locks in to place.

Build Quality

The Origami 4-Shelf Rack is well built. The folding design is not complex and there are no small, fragile pieces to worry about. That being said, if storing large heavy items for long periods of time is what you are looking to do, there are better options available in the same price range.

The Origami General Purpose 4-Shelf Steel Collapsible Storage Rack is an excellent choice for garage, closet, pantry, shed and basement storage. Because of the collapsible design and light weight, the rack is also a terrific choice for temporary uses such as garage sales, trade shows, and flea markets. The list of possible uses for this unit is truly endless.


While the weight capacity and size are not as high as other storage racks in the same price range, the Origami R5 Rack sets itself apart from the competition with its unique folding design. The powder coat finish is a nice feature that is normally found on storage racks with much higher price tags (less expensive units tend to just be painted whereas a power coat is baked and more scratch resistant due to its hardness). The available wheel kit, shelf liners, and dust cover are all nice options to have. The option to purchase these items separately is nice, as opposed to buying with accessories included that you do not need at a much higher price. As for where to buy, Amazon.com’s pricing is pretty competitive and where we’d recommend checking first. Overall, the Origami is one of the best garage shelving units for lighter duty.

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