Plano Molding Heavy Duty Shelving Review

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Plano Molding has been supplying the hunting, fishing, medical and tactical industries for over 60 years. Lightweight, strong and durable is how they build all of their products, including the Plano Molding Heavy Duty Shelving.


The injection-molded plastic shelf rack from Plano comes in 2 sizes. The 4 shelf rack measures 34.25” x 14.25” x 56.25” and the 5 shelf rack is 34.25” x 14.2” x 74”.

Because of the well-engineered design, each shelf is able to support up to 125lbs of evenly distributed weight. The maximum weight per rack is 500lbs for the 4 shelf unit and 625lbs for the 5 shelf unit.

One neat feature of the Plano Molding shelving rack is the ability to fasten the rack to the wall to prevent it from tipping over. This is especially nice for use in a toy or play room where young children might accidentally pull the shelves over. Similarly, it is a benefit if you live in a earthquake prone location such as California. Holes are cast in to the shelving at 16 and 24 inch spacing to make screwing in to a wall stud easy.


Plano is no stranger to plastic molding, and it shows with their heavy duty shelving. There are no sharp edges to cut boxes (or your hands!), no voids in the material, and the texturing is even throughout the entire product.

The quality of a product always shows up during assembly. Manufacturing processes and tolerances have to be spot on, or pieces will not fit together correctly. The Plano Molding shelf pieces fit together precisely, with no “slop” in the connections. No tools are needed, but some users might prefer to use a rubber mallet to very gently nudge the posts into the shelves. Once assembled, the shelving racks are very sturdy and can go toe-to-toe with any plastic shelving unit on the market.

Because the color is mixed in with the material during the molding process, there is no need to worry about scratching the paint on the rack.

The high quality, injection-molded plastic used for these shelves makes them ideal for areas that might see moisture, like basements, garages and shed. They can also be used outdoors without worry. Vents are molded in to the construction of each shelf, preventing water or liquids from pooling up and saturating items stored on the shelves. The vents also allow air to circulate around and under stored items and help cut down on dust build up.


Plastic shelving is normally the lowest priced option for garage storage, and usually has significant drawbacks relative to their stronger metal counterparts. With the Plano injection-molded shelving, however, you get high weight capacity and low cost. While the shelves can’t support the same amount of weight as the heavier duty steel shelving units, they also weigh far less and are much easier to set up and take down.

The Plano Molding heavy duty plastic shelving can be considered a lifetime product for many purchasers. Due to the versatility of the racks, most owners will always be able to find a use for the shelving. The rack can be broken down and packed away when it isn’t needed as well. Overall, it’s a great product and gets a high recommendation from us.

As far as the place to find the best pricing on the Plano Molding heavy duty shelving, we typically recommend Amazon since they typically have very competitive pricing. If you find that you are looking for a slightly more heavy duty shelf, feel free to have a look at our buyer’s guide for the best garage shelving to see other options.

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