Quantum Storage Systems 4-Tier Wire Garage Shelving Unit Review

The Quantum Storage Systems 4-Tier Wire Shelving Unit fills the gap between heavy-duty, light commercial shelving and light-duty, plastic, consumer grade units. With products made from plastics or steel, the company prides itself on providing storage solutions for any environment. The company also makes bins that fit perfectly on their shelving products.


The shelving unit measures 48”w x 24”d x 72”h when fully assembled. Other sizes from 36” to 48” wide are available in shelf depths of 18” or 24”.

The Quantum Wire Shelving is made from high quality carbon steel wire, and is chrome plated to resist rust, corrosion, mold & mildew. The wire construction of the shelving allows air to pass under the items being stored. This makes the shelf suitable for storing items that may sometimes get wet, for example gardeners will like the ability to store everything from flower pots to bags of topsoil without worrying about shelf degradation. Steel wire construction also prevents dust buildup. Wire truss design is used to surround each shelf, increasing the strength and preventing shelf sag. Each shelf can support up to 300lbs when evenly distributed, for a total of 1,200lbs.

The legs of the Quantum unit are also made of chrome plated carbon steel. Notches on the legs allow the shelves to be individually adjusted in 1” increments to fit a large variety of items. The legs come with built in levelers for secure setup on uneven floors. Wheel kits are also available to make moving the storage rack a breeze. When ordering wheel kits, note that the shelving systems and wheel kits can be equipped with either threaded or press-fit levelers. Be sure to order the correct wheel kit to fit your storage rack.

The Quantum 4-Shelf unit assembles in minutes, without the need for any tools.

Build Quality

There is no doubt that the Quantum 4-Shelf system is well built. All welds on the shelving are smooth to prevent boxes from being damaged when sliding into place. The chrome finish is durable and consistent across all pieces.

For those looking for a great looking, yet very sturdy shelf system in the kitchen, the product meets or exceeds the National Sanitation Foundation and American Nation Standards Institute (NSF/ANSI) “Standard 2” for use in food handling and processing (for dry storage only). The wire construction of the shelves can also hold pots and pans, cookware, glasses, plates, etc. and is also perfectly suited for food storage in the pantry, as well as storing boxes in the garage or basement. Similarly, the Quantum Storage unit is great for closet organization as well, providing a clean place to stack folded clothing, shoes, or purses.


What the Quantum Storage 4-Tier rack lacks in weight capacity, it makes up for with fit and finish. The shelves all lock in to place precisely and securely. All shelves are straight and the unit is square. The provided leveling feet are an excellent feature and especially useful when using the shelving in a garage or basement where floors often slope for drainage. As far as the best place to buy, Amazon typically has extremely competitive shipped pricing that is very attractive considering the general cost to ship large items. Overall, we think that if you are looking one of the best garage shelving setups in the mid-duty range that is extremely versatile, you will be extremely satisfied with this unit.

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