SafeRacks Garage Storage Rack Review

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It is easy to see that the SafeRacks Garage Storage Rack was originally designed for commercial/industrial use. Luckily, it is now available to homeowners who need a large shelving system to get organized.


The SafeRacks storage rack is massive. Measuring a full 8’wide, 2’ deep, and 7’ tall, this monster of a shelf offers huge amounts of shelf space to store and organize whatever you need it to. The shelves are each fully adjustable to accommodate all sizes of boxes, tools, tubs, etc.

The SafeRacks garage rack is made entirely of high quality steel. All pieces of the rack are powder coated in a bright white finish that will protect the unit from rust and corrosion for years and years.

The wire shelving is welded-not stamped-to support up to 300lbs per shelf. Shelves are supported on all 4 sides, and an additional support is found under the center of each one to prevent sagging under heavier objects. Wire shelving prevents dust buildup, and allows air to circulate under items stored on the shelves. For those wanting a solid shelf, SafeRacks offers an available particle board shelf kit that fits perfectly on top of each wire shelf.

The legs of the unit feature the trusted keyhole design to lock the shelf supports and legs together securely. Once assembled, the rack is solid and sturdy, with no wobbling, twisting or movement of any kind. There are no leveling feet included or available for this unit, but that problem can easily be solved by using wooden shims or pads.


Build Quality on the SafeRacks Garage Storage Rack is top-notch. All welds are smooth and unnoticeable. The edges of all components are smooth, so there is no worry of accidentally slicing a box –or yourself- while assembling or loading the rack.

The keyhole/rivet design used to assemble the rack has been manufactured to tight tolerances, allowing the shelving to snap together very securely.

Commercial quality is clearly evident in the SafeRacks unit. Thicker than average steel is used in construction to make sure the rack provides a lifetime of use.


The quality and size of the SafeRacks Garage Storage Rack, combined with the powder coated finish and weight capacity of the shelves, easily justifies the cost of the product. Lower quality shelf systems are found with higher price tags every day with fewer features. SafeRacks also provides a limited lifetime warranty at no additional charge. You read that right-limited lifetime warranty. Not too many competitors are offering that these days.

For those looking to find the best price on the SafeRacks Garage Storage Rack,’s shipped pricing is really attractive. This monstrous shelving system weighs in at 150lbs, and is shipped in 3 separate boxes. Why spend more money at a big box store, only to have to deal with loading it up and driving it home, when you can ship it straight to your door?

Overall, the SafeRacks Garage Storage Rack gets out highest recommendation for a heavy duty garage shelf. The only time we wouldn’t recommend it is if your garage is space constrained or you are looking for lighter duty garage shelving. If this is the case, have a look at our guide to the best garage shelving for other options.

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