Sandusky Lee Plastic Garage Shelving Unit Review

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The Sandusky Lee Company is very well known for building storage solutions for businesses and homes around the world. The Sandusky Lee Plastic Shelving combines high strength and low weight and is as versatile as any product in the company’s lineup.


The plastic shelving market is saturated with low quality, brittle, flimsy products that offer very low weight capacity and are made from very low quality plastics. Luckily, the Sandusky Lee company designed their plastic shelving to be just the opposite. With a weight capacity of 150lbs per shelf, the Sandusky Lee storage rack is one of the strongest in its class.

3 sizes are available, starting with the 36” x 18” x 56” 4 shelf unit. The medium sized 5 shelf rack measures 36”x 18” x 72” and the largest of the units is the 36” x 24” x 72” model.

Sandusky Lee manufactures their plastic shelving from high strength, high impact resin to ensure the product is not going to let customers down. The bottom shelf is great for keeping heavier items such as tools or sporting goods off the garage or basement floor.

The ventilated design of the shelves prevents spilled liquids, such as paints and chemicals, from pooling up and damaging items stored on the shelves. Air is able to circulate under items as well, keeping them dry and preventing mildew.

Because of the materials used, these shelving units are well suited to both indoor and outdoor use. Garages, basements, sheds, workshops, playrooms and closets are all perfect places to use the Sandusky Lee racks.


The high impact plastic molding process used to create these plastic shelving units is clean and precise. There are no signs of stress cracks, pitting or voids anywhere on the product. All edges are nice and smooth.

Assembling the product was a breeze. The pieces fit together well and once assembled, the unit is sturdy and square.

Since the Sandusky Lee plastic shelving is made from resin, the color goes all the way through the product. There is no need to worry about rust, peeling, staining, chipping or dents. The resin is chemical resistant as well, making it suitable for storing paints, stains and cleanup supplies in the garage, basement or workshop.


Sandusky Lee plastic shelving is priced competitively and is backed by a 1 year warranty. The weight capacity per shelf is possibly the highest of any plastic shelving racks in the price range.

It would be hard to find a storage rack in this price range that can hold this much weight, and also weigh so little. One person can easily handle assembly, without the need for tools. When the shelving isn’t needed, it can be broken down quickly and stored easily, taking up very little room. Overall, we rate this shelf a good value.

As for best place to purchase, Amazon is likely to provide the lowest pricing on the Sandusky Lee plastic shelving. If you find that this shelf isn’t the best garage shelving unit for your needs, feel free to have a look at our list of the top garage shelving units to see other options out there.

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