Sterilite Plastic 4-Shelf Unit Review

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If you’re in the market for a light duty storage rack, the Sterilite 4-Shelf Unit is a sturdy and economical option worth looking into. The rack weighs just 18lbs, yet can support up to 150lbs when evenly distributed between the 4 shelves.


The rugged, tubular plastic construction of the Sterilite shelf unit is durable and strong. Each shelf is a molded with a flat surface on top with a honeycomb structure underneath to keep the shelves from bowing. The tubular legs offer rigid strength to keep the shelving upright and straight.

Assembly is quick and easy. No tools are required, but some users will find using a rubber mallet to tap the legs in to place will make things a little easier. The unit is very light weight and easy to relocate when needed, making this an ideal product for college students.

The durable, smooth plastic is easy to maintain and clean. Since rust is never a concern, the Sterilite plastic shelving system can be used in basements, sheds, or outside. Flower and plant enthusiasts will appreciate the ability to store potting goods on the shelves without worry of corrosion or rot. Laundry room supplies can be stored without the need to worry about spills and stains. The shelves easily wipe clean and won’t trap liquid soaps and cleaners in the material. The plastic material resists mold and mildew and can be cleaned with common household cleaners.

In mudrooms and garages, the Sterilite shelves are great for allowing wet shoes, boots, rollerblades, and hockey skates to air out and dry, while staying organized and out of the way. Sporting good of all types fit well on the shelves and won’t be damaged by the plastic material.

The Sterilite 4-Shelf Unit measures 34.5”w X 14.75”d X 57”h and there is a full 16” of clearance between each shelf, allowing boxes and plastic totes to fit perfectly. The unit does not take up as much space as larger competitors, which also makes it a great choice for closets and pantries. The company also offers a 5-shelf unit for those requiring just a bit more storage.

The Sterilite 4-Shelf Unit is available in a Platinum color, allowing the shelving to blend in to room décor easily and unobtrusively.

Build Quality

Build quality on this plastic shelf system seems to be high end relative to other products in the class. The plastic is thick and the edges are all smooth. The legs fit tightly in to the shelves, and once assembled, the Sterilite unit does not wobble like some other racks in this class.


While the weight capacity is not nearly as high as heavier steel shelving racks, neither is the price. The Sterilte 4-Shelf Unit does exactly what it is intended to do-provide lightweight, affordable, quality shelving for storage and organization. The ability to quickly set up or take down the shelving is a great feature for those who move frequently, and the plastic construction means there is no reason to worry about the product rusting out or rotting over time.

Overall, the Sterilite 4-Shelf Unit is a high quality, durable, lightweight product that won’t break the bank. typically has great pricing which can result in considerable savings when buying bulkier items like shelves.

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